Pre/Post Natal Classes

Mommy & Me – Pre & Post Natal Dance Fitness

IMG_1218Connect. Bond. Strengthen.

Our Mommy & Me – Pre & Post Natal Dance Fitness class is a time to enjoy a connection with your baby in a relaxed, playful way while increasing your own strength, flexibility and tone. This class will get you moving, allow you to bond with your baby and connect with other new mamas, all in a safe and welcoming environment for you (and your little partner)!

This class is suitable for all pregnant (baby bearing) or postnatal (baby wearing) mothers. We welcome all levels of fitness and dance experience – both pre and post natal, as long as you have the clear from your medical provider to exercise and are able to wear your baby in a carrier for the duration of the class. With an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility, this class progresses at a rate that allows for accommodations and modifications in order to meet the need of each mama.  This class is for all expectant mothers, and mothers with babies 6 weeks of age or older!

What To Bring: A sturdy carrier (Ergo, Tula or similar), comfortable clothes,  a pair of indoor running shoes, water bottle and a yoga mat.

“Babies usually prefer dancing with mother, after all, she’s the dance partner baby came to know even before birth. It’s as if baby says to the mother, “I like your style.”” (Dr. Sears, 6 Ways to Making Baby Dancing Fun)

*** Do you have an older child (toddler or preschool age) that you need to bring with you? Message us regarding options!

2018/2019 Sessions (6/7/8 weeks):