Our Program

At Evolutions School of Dance, we recognize that people study dance for many reasons.  We offer programs for every dancer, no matter their age, level or ability!


8-10 Week Recreational Division

The 8-10 week sessional program is designed for dancers looking to have fun and explore dance!  This program does not include any shows or formal performances, but will include a final demonstration class during the last day of classes.

Regular Division: 

Our Regular Division is for the dancer who loves to dance and wishes to experience the benefits of training in a full year program.  The regular division students have the exciting opportunity to participate in a year end performance in a costume, on a stage, for a large audience. Being part of the Regular Division allows a dancer to experience team spirit by working with their peers and our highly qualified faculty throughout the 10 month program.

 Cecchetti Ballet Intensive Program

Evolutions School of Dance trains our dancers in the Cecchetti Method of Ballet.  The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet was developed to educate and prepare dancers with material that is appropriate to their growing bodies. Dancers are required to learn concepts and theories of movement, through a syllabus that teaches the basic structure of each individual step and musical phrasing.  Students from beginner and up will learn syllabus from the Cecchetti method, which is a method that originated in Italy and is used as standard training in some of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world.  Our focus is on DANCE EDUCATION, and as such, we firmly believe that following a syllabus will only continue to allow our students to grow and flourish as confident, skilled, creative, and educated dancers.

Ballet Exams

Ballet exams are offered to those students enrolled in the Ballet Intensive program, taking a minimum of 2 technique classes a week, through Cecchetti Society of Canada, at the faculty’s discretion and student  readiness.  Students will prepare for the exam for 1-2 years and will take the exam once they are ready.  Students that take exams will have a higher education in ballet thus enhancing their overall performance abilities.

External exams are an extra commitment and involve additional fees on the Intensive Program. There are two streams of Cecchetti exams: Standards and Graded.

Students who wish to participate in an official Cecchetti Standards ballet exams must be taking 2 ballet classes a week.  Students wishing to pursue the Cecchetti Graded Intensive exam should be taking 3 ballet classes a week. The additional fee of approximately $150-$250 cover the examination fee, practice classes with a pianist and a mock exam.  These exams are very rewarding for the dancer and once they pass the exam, they will be awarded with a certificate from the Cecchetti Ballet Society of Canada.

Competitive Performance Division Team:

Our ESD competitive Performance Division (PD) team is a rewarding team experience for the dancer who loves to perform and train at a higher commitment level.  To provide the best possible training, students who would like to pursue the competitive PD team are assessed by our faculty and placed into the division and classes that are best matched to nurture them to grow in their talent and potential.

ESD holds a high expectation that all families who participate in Performance Division commit to practicing at home on a regular basis.  There is a high amount of parent involvement required, which makes Performance Division a fun family activity.  PD students must maintain 90% attendance in their regular classes and 100% in their additional competitive rehearsals. The dancers commit to the team from September-May and perform at 3 or 4 festival competitions in the Calgary & surrounding area in April & May as well as perform at the year end recital and may have opportunities for additional performance experiences.

The team is divided into 2 divisions, which allows for more of our dancers to be involved, at a level that best matches their commitment and ability.  All Performance Division Team members must meet the ballet and jazz technique pre-requisites, with the exception to Hip Hop.

Apprentice Team 
Beginner 2 & Junior 1/2 dancers– Must be taking at least 1 weekly ballet class & 1 additional class of your choice
Junior 3-Must be taking at least 2 weekly ballet class & 1 additional class of your choice
Teen- Must be taking at least 1 weekly ballet class & 1 additional class of your choice
Pre-Inter, Intermediate & Senior Dancers– Must be taking at least 2 weekly ballet  and 1 additional class of your choice.

Company Team
This program is very beneficial for dancers highly invested in dance, who aspire to make dance a career choice or to take their talents to the highest level possible during their training years.

Within the Company Competitive Performance Division the students are required to train in core classes consisting of:

  • 2 or 3 Ballet classes per week (determined by level placement)
    • 1 Jazz competitive class per week
    • 1 Lyrical competitive class per week
    1 Turns & Jumps per week (Pre-Inter and up)
     1 Contemporary competitive class per week (Intermediate and up)

Additionally available to our Company dancers that want to train as much as possible, we offer the opportunity for a single flat rate to add unlimited classes to the core class requirements. These additional classes are offered to Company dancers when you are taking 6 or more classes in: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jumps & Turns.

Solo’s, Duet’s, Trio’s & Extra Groups
In the fall, the ESD faculty will invite students who are taking a regular weekly ballet class and whom we believe has the commitment, drive and skills to audition to be part of our Performance Division Team.  Once the dancer has successfully completed the placement/observation process, ESD faculty will work with your requests, to place your dancer in a dance discipline and category we feel is best for the dancer.
*Students will only be placed in a dance discipline in which they are currently enrolled and training in.
Ex: If your dancer does not currently take a tap class, they will not be placed in a tap number.



All students who are enrolled in weekly classes are invited to participate in our year end recital, which take place in a theatre. It is a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to showcase their talents and everything that they have learned in class(es) for the year. There is no fee to participate but all dancers must purchase a costume, and tickets must be purchased to view the recital.

Past recitals:
2007/2008 – Spring Showcase
2008/2009 – Spring Showcase
2009/2010 – Alice in Wonderland
2010-2011 – Stories From Our Past
2011-2012 – Peter Pan & Other Works (1:30 & 4:30 shows)
2012-2013 – Legends (11:00, 1:30 & 3:30 shows)
2013-2014 – The Wizard of Oz (10:00, 12:00, 3:00 & 5:00 shows)
2014-2015 – Lights, Camera, Dancin’!
2015-2016 – Fergully, the Last Rainforest
2016-2017 – Once Upon a Dream
2017-2018 – Beauty & the Beast (10:00am & 2:30 shows)

We require one/two parent volunteers per class to assist backstage at the year end recital. Classes with no parent chaperone may risk not being able to participate. We thank you all in advance for your help in making our year end recitals a great success!